viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016

IFLA Student Charette 2016

The IFLA Student Charette of the 53rd IFLA World Congress is an intensive workshop open to graduate and undergraduate students in Landscape Architecture or those attending a Landscape Architecture course included in other programs (where their University does not include a program specifically identified as Landscape Architecture).

Universities and professors must endorse the participation of their students in this international workshop.The Charette gives students from all around the world the challenge to share methods and create successful landscape designs in a rich and exciting environment. Because the Charette takes place within a condensed period of time, and considers a very complex topic, it is recommended that students be at an advanced level in their studies, and preferably have had prior experiences in workshops of this nature.

Teams of 5 students will be selected to participate (please refer to the application forms). Selected teams will be guided throughout their work by Italian and International tutors with experience in landscape architecture and in working with students. 

The Charette will be held in Turin from April 16th to 19th, 2016. The site to be addressed is situated in the northeast suburbs of town (the Barca Bertolla area). Students will visit the project site, and receive specific information about it. 

The Charette gives participants the opportunity to create a new landscape architecture design by applying an integrated approach. Students are requested to work collaboratively and at pace in teams within a predetermined time period in order to meet a deadline.

The objective is to develop successful landscape design for the Barca Bertolla area. The focus will be on four main aspects:
  • Enhance the ecological value of the area
  • Enhance the mobility and the landscape connectivity
  • Promote the identity of traditional human activities and communities
  • Define local strategies for the enhancement of urban agriculture

Participants will be asked to present their resultant their work, explaining design goals and objectives. An international Jury will select the three best works to be awarded in the IFLA Awarding Ceremony and exhibited within the Congress venue.