lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

IFLA Student Design Competition 2015

With the subject ‘History of the Future’, the IFLA Student Design Competition 2015 is open for entry. You can visit the congress website to view the call for submissions, for details about the congress, and for registration information.

The 52nd IFLA World Congress 2015 International Student Competition is sponsored by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and organized by the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia (ALAROS).

The objective of the competition is to recognize superior environmental design achievements made by students in Landscape Architecture programs. The 52nd IFLA World Congress in Russia aims to demonstrate the achievement of the highest standards in landscape architecture education worldwide. The competition invites submissions from teams of students in Landscape Architecture programs (or students studying landscape architecture where the university does not have a program specifically identified as landscape architecture).

Competition Topic: “History of the Future”

The aim of the competition is to promote reflections on challenges and opportunities of the past, the present and the future for the landscape architecture profession. In our global society, landscape architecture presents the opportunity to foster collaborative learning, integration of knowledge, and innovative solutions. We also call for exploration of good examples which reinforce local identity and contextual values.

Students are invited to present their interpretations of historic and modern landscapes, and to consider the role of landscapes for shaping past and future human settlements. They are also invited to present their ideas for the application of innovative sustainable solutions in contemporary landscape issues.

The competition encourages students to explore urban and rural green-blue
infrastructure and suggest scenarios for the sustainable development of human habitats. 


Students may select the context, site and scale of the project. Proposals must show a reflexive and innovative approach, giving value to the identity of the designed place and choosing a strategy for the project execution.


-1st Prize GROUP HAN Prize for Landscape Architecture - $3,500 US
-2nd Prize IFLA Zvi Miller Prize - $2,500 US
-3rd Prize ALAROS or local sponsor Merit Award - $1,000 US

Prizes will be awarded considering the following criteria:

● Effective investigation of the competition topic;
● Clearly documented analysis and design process;
● Illustration of best methods for improving the standards and
practices of landscape architecture;
● Evidence of reflection and concern for environmental, cultural,
historical, and other contextual issues;
● Integration of both practical and aesthetic aspects of landscape
● Functional qualities
● Sustainability qualities
● Conceptual qualities


The Competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of Landscape Architecture, or those studying landscape architecture (where a country or university does not include a program specifically identified as Landscape Architecture). Both individual and group submissions will be accepted, and each student or group is permitted only one entry. Broad interdisciplinary submissions are welcomed, however the team must be headed by a landscape architecture student. The number of members in each participating group shall not exceed five (5).


Entries must be received by the competition organizers no later than:
May 8th, 2015, at 12 PM. (Russian Time). Note that any entries received after this date will not be accepted.
Jury session and notification of winning teams: June 8th – 9th, 2015
Exhibition: June 10th 2015
Award Ceremony: June 11th 2015


An entry fee of between USD 10 and USD 50 is required for your submission. The exact fee is based on the country of origin for the educational institution of which you are a student; the fee is calculated using the Purchasing Power Index to ensure that you are charged an equitable amount. Any questions about the Student Design Competition Entry Fee may be directed to the IFLA Secretariat on:


52nd IFLA World Congress Local Organizing Committee – Chair of Student Competition Committee, Prof. Irina Melnichuk,
e-mail: include tag #competition into the subject of your email.