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Meet the challenge – take part in the International Student Competition of the LE:NOTRE Institute Landscape Forum!


(Re)Discovering the Emerald Necklace
Colentina River, Bucharest, Romania

Hosted by the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest (USAMVB) and "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest (UAUIM), in Bucharest - 21-25 April, 2015, the competition is supported by the two universities as well as by the Romanian Association of Landscape Architects, Bucharest (AsoP), and the Romanian Professional Association of Urban Planners, Bucharest (APUR).

The focal area is the chain of lakes along the river Colentina, which has huge potential for the sustainable development of Romania’s capital city and represents high relevance for the forum’s four focal themes: urban growth/peri-urban sprawl, sustainable tourism, heritage and identity, and the rural fringe.

The competition aims to support integrated and holistic approaches to the urban and peri-urban landscape through multidisciplinary student teams elaborating planning and design proposals at various scales and around the following aspects:

• Sustainable visions for the relation and of built tissue, open space and landscape elements
• Sustainable visions for the relation city-periphery and sprawl territories
• Proposals for improved connectivity at different scale levels
• Enhancement of ecological functions and ecosystem services
• Introduction of green infrastructure elements based on a conceptual framework
• Sustainable traffic proposals
• Proposals for the sustainable development of tourism and leisure areas
• Visions for a better dialog between cultural heritage and the dynamics of urban identities

Bucharest and the river Colentina seen on a map from 1864
The major challenge of this competition is the scale: 25 kilometres of a complex urban periphery connected by a chain of natural and artificial lakes, marked by strong contrasts at various levels: functional, ecological, socio-cultural, ethical, aesthetic, heritage, economic and many more.

Participants are asked to submit two posters, one a landscape concept at 1:25,000 and a spatial concept for one of the three detailing areas at 1:5,000.
Key dates:
20.10.2014: competition registration opened
26.11.2014: colloquium
15.02.2015: last competition registration
09.03.0215: Submission 

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